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IntelBet is an artificial intelligence capable of making predictions for sports. A trained machine makes less mistakes than people. Win more with us!

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  • Self improving AI

    Aritificial Intelligence is constantly improving itself by studying on everyday increasing database of sport events.

  • Double checking

    After algirithm makes it's picks we manually perform verification and analysis, update all the public channels, and select the most profitable picks.

  • Publicly available statistics

    We maintain statistics of our predictions. It covers both Free and Paid channels. It's being updated as frequent as possible.

  • Constant improvements

    We keep developing, testing, and releasing new features. Performance improvements are among these features.

What people say

Few messages of our Paid channel users

"Hi, it wasn't too bad. Still made some profit so I'm pretty happy. Willing to extend the membership." Will
One of the first ten members
"I am not following all the tips, but nevertheless, I've made some extra buck." Maxim
Member that later become the development team member
"Followed for a few months. Kept track of your predictions and I am quite happy with the results. Noticed tactics change a few times. Took some ideas and incorporated into my tactics and will continue on my own." Deniss
First paid member

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Model updates every day

After every day of matches model updates itself striving for better performance.


AI has specific focus

Artificial intelligence specializes in European soccer. Model studies clubs with long history that play very often.


Telegram distribution

All the tips and predictions are available in you prone or PC. All you need to get the updates is a Telegram messenger.



You are free to use any bookmaker of you choice, any available in you area or internet.


Public statistics

We don't hide anything. You can always check publicly available stats in Google docs.


Plenty of time

We usually share our predictions at 10:00 UTC time and matches happen closer to the end of the day. You will have a lot of time to make a bet.

Subscription plans

There is an option for everyone. You can also contact us about subscription of alternative duration.



Telegram account needed

While free channel runs

1 bet a day

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Telegram account needed

7 days subscription

Approx: 21 bets



Telegram account needed

1 month subscription

Approx: 90 bets